Apple will put iTunes in cloud

Cloud background Pictures, Images and Photos According to a report by Reuters (click here to read it), Apple Inc. has developed a cloud based version of iTunes. For now it’s only a rumour since Apple has not confirmed it yet, but it seems to be credible. For those that are unsure of what cloud is, it’s basically a method of keeping information on the internet versus on a single device. The information is stored on central servers and can be accessed by simply entering a login when connected to the internet.

Apple is certainly not alone in this race to be the first to offer a music service through the cloud. Google actually planned to be first but it has stalled for several reasons. It looks like Apple is coming from behind and will be the first to do this between the two tech giants. already offers this type of service but so far they haven’t really gained too much traction with it. If Apple launches this service fairly soon, they should have no problem becoming the clear leader in this space since iTunes is already the leader in music now.

I see more than just music being offered by this type of service in the near future (whether it’s Apple or someone else). I can clearly see a day within the next 2-3 years when we will all have our own library of music, movies and TV shows stored on a cloud. All we will need is an internet connection on a computer, smartphone or tablet and just login to our account to access everything. We would also be able to buy things from an iTunes like store instantly and perhaps even share files between known friends. The sharing part of this will be the most difficult because of the obvious lack of paying. I think Apple might be the first to usher in this future in a meaningful way (no offence Amazon) and they can once again change the world.