Apple uses common strategy

Apple Inc. has implemented a very common strategy to help overcome the bad publicity over the iPhone 4 design flaw. You surely recall only a month ago when Apple CEO, Steve Jobs held a press conference where he admitted Apple made a mistake with the iPhone 4 design. So what strategy did they implement? Axe an employee.

It is a strategy that is very common in business and even more common in politics. This happens in politics a few times in every administration in the U.S. and many other countries as well. When there is a controversy surrounding a government decision or action that turned out to be wrong and the public and media blame them for the problem, it is very common for the government to fire someone. It is often a person that works for the division that has to do with the problem and is often a person that the general public has not heard of before unless it is a very big problem. If the problem is extremely big then the axe will fall on a known person in the company or government that is seen as a part of the decision making process.

The hope is that by firing someone and connecting him/her to the problem it will give the image that the problem has been quickly addressed in a serious way and that the problem was only due to that individual and not the company or government in general. For Apple, this person is Mark Papermaster. He is an executive in charge of hardware for the iPhone, which is the perfect title to fire for this problem. We may never know if he really should be blamed for the iPhone 4′s design flaw but, that’s just how business goes sometimes. In fact, it is still possible that Apple and the iPhone 4 has been unfairly criticized for the design flaw when really, every smartphone faces reception loss when held in a certain way.

It will be interesting to see if this firing will help Apple move on from this problem and see the public forgive and forget. We should know how it worked for them within a few months.