Apple strategy and learning from their own products

 steve jobs Pictures, Images and Photos

Earlier this week, Apple announced the newest version of their operating system for Macs called OS X Lion. Before I discuss the new features and their inspiration for Lion, I want to take a minute to show something about Apple as a company. Although they are certainly not the only example of this, Apple is doing a great job at launching new products in a consistent and evenly spread out time frame.

Although only those that have a lot of discretionary income can actually keep up with them and buy everything they make, they pump out new products at a high pace. However, these products for the most part, do not seem rushed to market and appear to be fully thought out and fairly well tested. In addition, they make a concerted effort to not launch a bunch of new products at once which would leave a big empty gap of new products later in the year. This means that they are kept in the news cycle all year round. This is very good execution of their strategy.

Now, on to the OS X Lion. Apple announced this product as something that they learned from their iPad but implemented on to a Mac. They will be offering an App Store for the Mac that will work in much the same way as it does on the iPhone and iPad. They will also launch something called Mission Control which is an efficient way to view everything you have going on your Mac at once. Although Mission Control is not taken from the iPad, it is a smart innovation. I think that this will help to lure iPhone owners that use a PC to switch to a Mac, which is probably one of the main goals of their overall strategy. I think it is a good one.