Apple post Steve Jobs

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Yesterday after the stock market closed, Apple CEO and the best business leader in the world today announced that he is stepping down from his position at Apple. Although he did not give a reason for his resignation, it is almost certainly due to his poor health. This is not a surprise since he recently took a temporary leave because of his battle with cancer. The timing is surprising because it came out of the blue and most people thought that this day would not come for a while. He will remain chairman of the board of directors, so he won’t be completely removed from the company, but he will no longer run the business.

For the short term Apple will likely still run as well as it had been under Jobs. The impact on the actual operations of the company will likely be felt more in the longer term strategy and vision. Steve Jobs is clearly a business genius and visionary. This is not something that can easily be replaced and will likely not be. Under Steve Jobs, Apple has earned a reputation for producing products that are relatively precise and well thought through. In consumer electronics, companies often put products on the market that seem incomplete, imperfect and sometimes half-baked. This has not been the case with Apple under Steve Jobs’ leadership. This is what I will be looking at down the road to see how much of a change there is in Apple.

As a fan of Apple and Steve Jobs, I hope that the company will keep making revolutionary products and maintain their incredible success. Needless to say, everyone hopes that Steve Jobs gets healthy and who knows, maybe he will make another comeback to his company one day.