Apple iPad, did it meet the hype?


On Wednesday, Apple unveiled their much hyped tablet called iPad. There was so much hype and anticipation for this announcement that it was almost impossible to meet it, let alone exceed it. Before I get in to my thoughts on this new iPad I want to voice my displeasure with something surrounding the announcement itself. For some reason which I am still scratching my head as to why, the announcement was not available for live streaming via the apple site or any other. Only after the fact it is now available for viewing on Personally, I think that was a mistake because many people (and potential customers) were very eager to see the announcement live and instead were forced to get it through live blogs that included the writers’ personal opinions which were not always positive towards the product.

Now, on to the iPad itself. Like I anticipated, this is the best way to read a book, better than the Amazon Kindle or any other reader and also better than an actual book too, I’m assuming. It’s also better for reading newspapers, without a doubt. It seems like a good way to browse the internet and watch TV and movies (assuming you buy a stand or something, otherwise you’ll be holding it in your hands or on your lap the whole time).

However, the price is the biggest deterrent to making the iPad a game changer like the iPod and iPhone have been. It costs: $500 for the base 16GB no 3G version, $600 for the 32GB no 3G and $700 for the 64GB no 3G. For the versions with 3G which would be preferable since this is a mobile device after all, the costs go up by $130 each version to: $630, $730 and $830, respectively. Also, the 3G versions will cost you $15-$30 in monthly service fees from your wireless carrier. I think that is frankly asking too much money for not enough product. Don’t get me wrong, I do want one and if someone is living a middle to upper class lifestyle then it is a fun toy but, for the average person, I don’t think this is something that has enough value to justify the price tag.

Another flaw that I think this product has is that it does not seem to be able to multitask like a laptop which I expected it would be capable of doing. From what I gathered, it also did not run Flash which iPhone owners know is very annoying as it is used on many websites.

It is supposed to be the in between product between the iPhone and a laptop, and it is to a large extent. However, the iPhone is not too expensive for most people and can help you in your business and provides a lot of bang for the buck (including a lot of what this new iPad does just maybe not as good or fast). A laptop, although it is not cheap by any means, is in most cases absolutely necessary for school, work and everyday life. It is a worthwhile and in many cases an essential investment. For now, I don’t see how this iPad is essential, which it pretty much has to be for the masses to spend that kind of money on it and I also think that it doesn’t provide nearly as much bang for the buck that the iPhone provides. Although I do reserve the right to change my mind once I can physically try one out, I expected a little more for a little less from this product and I don’t see this as a revolution to a major industry like the iPod and iPhone were. Maybe when the price drops in a couple years it will be and at that point, the newspaper industry might see its final nail in the coffin and the book industry could be reshaped as well, but I don’t see it happening at the current price points.

You may hear the opposite points of view from people about this product, but keep in mind a lot of people will blindly vouch for anything Apple because they have become unconditional loyalists. I on the other hand, have no loyalty to any company. If a company wants my respect it must earn it on a continual basis. Loyalty is always conditional in business.