Apple iPad 2 stays ahead of competition

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With Apple’s announcement of the iPad 2, Steve Jobs and co. are making sure that no competing company catches up to them in the tablet market. They didn’t go as far as they could in terms of technology though. They could have included the same Retina Display that the iPhone 4 has for a sharper screen image, as well as, stereo sound. I guess we will have to wait for iPad 3 for that.

However, all Apple needs to do is stay a few steps ahead of everyone else in the tablet market. The reality is that even the original iPad is far better than any other tablet on the market. Therefore, they really didn’t need to do very much to ensure that they’ll be number one for the next 12 months. The less than stellar tablets from competitors allow Apple to roll out new features slowly which helps keeps their costs lower.

The iPad is a good tool for schools and business. It’s great for keeping students interested in the learning material and also great for sales presentations in business. RIM is traditionally the leader for business when it comes to smart mobile devices so when they eventually come to market with their PlayBook tablet it will be interesting to see if they can steal market share from Apple with business users. From what I have noticed about Apple products, once someone buys and uses one, they are most likely going to stay loyal to them and not switch to someone like RIM or anyone else. This means that RIM and other tablet competitors have a tough road ahead.