Another Toyota recall- surprise, surprise

Just as I have predicted several times, Toyota is issuing another recall on their vehicles for a new problem, totally unrelated to all the others we’ve seen over the last 9 months (and there have been many). This one involves some of their most expensive Lexus models throughout the world. Among the models being recalled this time around is the LS460, which is an $85,000-$120,000 CAD car that competes with the top of the line cars from the competitors like the BMW 7 series and Mercedes S-Class. The total vehicle count affected by this recall on a global basis is about 270,000, including several models.

Apparently, the problem is faulty valve springs that could make the car stall while in motion. Imagine you are on the freeway going 90 km/h (55 mph) with flowing traffic in the middle of a five-lane (each way) road and out of nowhere, with no warning, you brand new Lexus sedan stalls giving you zero chance to pull over and stop safely on the shoulder and results in a serious crash. Thankfully, this scenario has not happened to anyone as a result of this particular problem, but it is only luck, not much else. Such a fear is more than enough reason to avoid buying a Lexus/Toyota (as if there weren’t enough troubling scenarios created by previous recalls from them).

Back in October of 2009, when all the talk was about the sudden acceleration of Toyotas, they eventually designed a fix for it and said it was a one time thing and they have learned how to be better on quality since then. Well, I argued then that this is not true and their quality has significantly slipped over the last 7-8 years. Since the sudden acceleration recall, there have been several others, all of which are completely separate problems. This proves that their quality is much worse than it used to be and they have still not figured out how to make a well built, safe car.

For those considering the high end Lexus LS460, I would take a good look at the BMW 750i, Mercedes S-Class, Audi A8 or even the slightly smaller, but interesting Infiniti M56. I would choose all of these cars before the Lexus LS460. Not only because of the safety issues and declining brand status, but also because the refinement, attention to detail and enjoyment of the other vehicles are superior to Lexus’. I am not saying you should never buy another Lexus again…just not right now. Give them a few years to actually learn how to make better quality cars and also more interesting and innovative ones while they’re at it. Of all the luxury car brands out there, Lexus’ get boring quicker than all of them (both the interior and exterior).

The vast majority of the cars Toyota makes, including Lexus have been recalled over the last 9 months for one reason or another. I would not be surprised to see another one or two recalls, but I think we are starting to see the end of it…at least for the current generation of vehicles. I say this not because I think Toyota figured something out, but because how many times can the same car be recalled? A few more of them and they will have cycled through their entire fleet multiple times.

Hopefully, people will start to get the picture that this company simply does not make the greatest cars (and I’m being sarcastic).