Amazon Fire a threat to tablet makers

amazon Pictures, Images and Photos Amazon released their first tablet, called the Amazon Fire. I have been waiting for a long time for some company other than Apple to take some initiative and stop launching me-too products. Frankly, every tablet that is not an iPad is not worth buying. That is perhaps until now with this Amazon Fire. The tablet itself is not revolutionary in any way. What is unique here is the business strategy. The Amazon Fire has a price of only $199. That is less than half of the least expensive iPad and also a lot less than all the other tablets, including ones from Samsung, RIM, Sony and others.

Now I don’t know that I would buy this product because it does not have 3G. For $200 you can’t expect everything. Still, I see tablets as being great tools in sales presentations and sometimes a 3G network is useful in those instances. However, if i were looking for a tablet that is cheaper than an iPad and wouldn’t mind the lack of 3G, I can’t see myself buying anything but the Amazon Fire. This product will get a lot of customers, especially those that will use it for fun and not work (although some companies may like it too). At $200 people will be able to afford it, even in this economy.

Non-Apple competitors have just been put on notice by Amazon. Those companies are being forced to be more creative and make a unique product to actually compete with the iPad or be more efficient and come out with a less expensive product that will compete with the Fire. Either way, this will be hard to accomplish and I predict the Fire will be more successful than every other tablet out there, except the iPad.