backtracks on pedophile “guide” book Pictures, Images and Photos

The last few days have been a PR nightmare for,¬†America’s largest online retailer. It all started on Wednesday when a popular blog discussed’s poor decision of allowing a book titled “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure” to be sold on their website. This quickly rippled through the internet and was even discussed on CNN’s AC360 news show that night. released a statement that basically said that although it did not agree with the book or author on the issue, they defend his right to say and sell it. Obviously, this was a terrible decision on top of an awful decision. The book tries to make Pedophilia in to something that is not completely wrong, disgusting and illegal. Although is right in saying that he has every right to say this and sell a book that says it, they definitely should not have sold it on their site. When they realized that this mistake had been realized by the masses, they should have corrected themselves right then and there and removed the book. However, they decided to exacerbate the problem by defending it. They eventually came to their senses and have since removed the book from their website. However, the PR damage had already been done.

There were thousands of people online demanding a boycott of and now those people are still on that idea because other pedophilia books are sold on their website. I think the worst is likely over for with this issue, but this certainly cost them some credibility. Unfortunately all this publicity, even though it is bad publicity, allowed this disgusting book to shoot up the sales charts on before it was removed. This awful man who does not deserve me mentioning his name probably sold more books because of’s blunder than he ever would have otherwise. This is actually the worst part of this entire story. Sorry if this ruined your day, but there is a lesson here. The lesson is if you dig yourself into a hole, then stop! Don’t just keep digging deeper like did here.