Al Qaeda hit can help businesses

President Obama and US Army

Breaking news out of Pakistan just now is that a US drone attack has killed a high ranking Al Qaeda member named Hussein al-Yemeni. How does this relate to business? Well, it shows that President Obama is doing a fairly good job on this front. This is not the first such instance of a top terrorist member being killed in that part of the world in recent weeks as it was not long ago at all that another member was believed to have been killed.

This creates some good will for the President back in Washington and across America. It helps the public and government officials on both sides of the aisle support him and his plans not only with regards to foreign affairs but also domestic policies. If the President can pass his big plans and bills like health care reform, the jobs bill or financial reform with even a little Republican support, then it will help ease tensions and uncertainty.

This new sense of actually getting some work done in Washington and giving a relative sense of coming together will create a positive atmosphere for small businesses, large business and the general population. We would see companies becoming more willing to make investments and hire people and we would see consumers less wary of a bad economy and begin spending once again.

This completely unrelated story out of Pakistan about this terrorist being killed shows how intertwined this world is and how everything comes back to business in some way in this crazy world of ours. Of course all this talk is a bit forward looking as right now there is no clear confirmation about this person’s death or how much of an impact it will actually have.