Airport security destined to fail and kill people

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Yesterday, the American, Canadian and probably a bunch of other governments said they are now banning larger sized ink toner cartridges. This is in the wake of that failed terrorist attack attempted on Oct. 29th by terrorists from Yemen. For western countries’ airport security this is just another reactionary move. This method of eliminating various items from passenger flights will never work and must be replaced with a common sense approach.

This is certainly not the first time a random item has been banned from flights after a terrorist attack attempt. We already have various lotions in bottles and things like tooth paste in tubes banned from flights. This is in addition to having to remove your shoes which is quite weird. The problem is that terrorists can make a bomb out of almost anything imaginable because it frankly is not difficult to turn items into a bomb of some sort. By being strictly reactionary with their policies for flights, the airport security is waiting for terrorist attacks to guide their next policy change.

Instead of this ridiculous policy that is destined to kill people and can never be effective, all countries should adopt the Israeli model. Israel’s airport security is the only westernized country that does not use the same ineffective policies that the rest of the world uses. They focus more on the passengers rather than the items that the passengers bring on to a flight. They look at their body language as they ask them various questions and are trained to snoop out people that behave sketchy. The result is the best airport security in the world. Now in fairness, there are people who complain that this model can cause racial profiling and some have had bad experiences with the Israeli airport security, but this system and its flaws at least deserve an in depth study.

Even if the complaints of racial profiling are true, then it doesn’t mean the system should not be used. This system is not based on racial profiling and only focuses on behaviour so it would likely work just as well without any racial profiling whatsoever. The world needs to seriously rethink their airport security strategy and strongly consider the Israeli model as a replacement.