Acer and Ferrari join the smartphone market

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The world’s second largest PC maker, Acer, has once again joined forces with Ferrari, but this time it is not a PC. Acer is trying to expand their small share of the smartphone market and need Ferrari’s brand to help them get there. Although above is a picture of the new smartphone, this post is really not about that at all. Instead, I want to focus on this joint venture between Acer and Ferrari.

This joint venture is not new. As I alluded to already, these companies have teamed up on Acer PC’s that come with the Ferrari colours and logo. Even though they did sell quite a few of these Ferrari branded Acer PC’s, I strongly believe that this is not a win-win relationship for the long term. This relationship is clearly a win-lose situation. Specifically, Acer wins and Ferrari loses.

What is the first thing you think of when you hear Acer? That’s right, cheap. And Ferrari? Right again, high-end, rich, fast, expensive, elite and so on. Given this, it is obvious why Acer would like the Ferrari brand on their computers. However, Ferrari should really have thought this through a little better. They should have teamed up with higher-end computer makers like HP, Asus or Sony. By teaming up with Acer it cheapens their brand and this can only be bad for them in the long term. I cannot see a single advantage to this at all for Ferrari. Sure they may have made a few bucks on PC and now smartphone sales, but the cost to their brand easily outweighs that.

I don’t think it was a bad idea to look at consumer electronics in the way they did. It is actually a creative way to make money on their strong brand image. However, they chose one of the worst companies to team up with. I’m not saying that Acer is a bad company, just the opposite of what Ferrari is all about. Acer is a low cost provider and Ferrari is a premium brand. Not smart Ferrari.