I have been in or around business virtually my entire life. I have sold almost everything under the sun and have experienced both the highs and lows of business. Living the life of an entrepreneur is what I was raised with. My father has always been an entrepreneur, at least since I learned to walk and talk, so the future uncertainty, inherent risk and fluctuating levels of job security is the only life I know and am accustom to. Therefore, it is only natural that I developed a passion and urge to be in business and have an entrepreneurial mind and heart. Many people find it strange that I enjoy activities such as negotiating, making big and important business decisions and having a large amount of responsibility in a business setting. I understand why they see this as strange, since negotiating for most people is uncomfortable and being responsible for ‘make or break’ decisions can be nerve racking, but to me it is what life is all about. I see it as a thrill and as a way for me to improve the world the best way I can. I have always believed that everyone should do what they are best at.

This blog encompasses what I am as an entrepreneur. My posts are meant to inspire, educate and start a conversation. I draw upon my experience and education in business to simplify interesting and important business news that occur and help you understand how it relates to you and why you should care. My goal is to make this blog an interesting read for anyone interested in business from all levels of involvement and education and from all parts of the world. I always try to look at issues from an international stand point and relate it to people from various countries. However, there is no denying that my initial point of view is as a Canadian and North American since that is where I grew up and live.

Most posts will either have to do with one of two themes:

1)  Discuss current business news which I will provide my thoughts and opinions on, as well as, try to simplify them so that everyone can understand, not only experts on the topic.


2) Provide advice, strategies and new ways of thinking or looking at issues relating to the challenges of being in business or dealing with businesses, either as the buyer, seller, consumer or entrepreneur.  

I hope you enjoy this blog and find it useful. Please feel free to post comments or questions on any of my posts.

Thank you,

Idan Anteby