A new type of eyeglasses

reading Pictures, Images and PhotosThere is a new kind of eyeglasses that will be hitting the market in a few months that may change how people see. The new glasses use liquid crystals and a microchip to adapt to what the user wants to see. The most common type of glasses available now is either bifocals or no-line progressive lenses. Both of them do not offer perfect vision for all needs, but they are the best we have, at least until now.

As reported by the NYT recently (click here to read it), these new glasses are made by PixelOptics, based in Virginia. They do need to be charged every couple of days, but they offer adaptive vision which apparently works really well. They work by having liquid crystals in the bottom part of the lenses that increase reading power when you touch the side of the glasses. Then, when you finish reading, you just touch it again and the lenses go back to normal power. This eliminates the current downfall with current eyeglasses that make objects farther than a few feet seem blurry. They will cost between $1,000-$1,200 USD when they arrive this fall, but like most technologies that price will likely fall once they become common place.

I have always thought that eyeglasses are an archaic technology. They have been around for so long and have not improved nearly as much as other things. I think they are due for a new approach and this technology seems like the perfect way to do that. If you think about it, the screens we look at every day on computer monitors, TV’s and smartphones often use liquid crystals to enhance the image quality. It makes sense to use a similar technology to enhance eyeglass performance as well.

It will be interesting to see how well they are received and how popular they become over the next five years in the market.