A new Kindle

Amazon announced this week that they have a new and improved Kindle ebook reader and will begin shipping them in about one month to about 100 countries. If you have read any of my past posts regarding the Kindle, you know that I am not a big fan of the device. However, I am slowly starting to warm up to it. The major aspect of the Kindle, even the new ones is that the screen is still only black and white. All devices in 2010 should be in full colour, if not OLED or HD or some other acronym that makes them look really good.

With that said, I said in the past that the Kindle will eventually die at the hands of other tablets, especially Apple’s (at the time, Apple had not yet announced the iPad). However, I no longer believe this is the case for a multitude of reasons. One important reason is because Apple and other tablet makers have not impressed me at all to this point and that opens the door for an ebook reader that can do its job really well. The second is that Amazon made some good decisions regarding this new Kindle that will be out in about a month.

To start, they made the prices of the new Kindle $189 and $139, depending on if you want one with 3G and Wi-Fi or with only Wi-Fi. These prices reflect the current economy and make the Kindle affordable for almost every person that reads a lot of books. It is also priced MUCH lower than the iPad. Another great thing Amazon did was not charge for 3G for downloading books and some other related activities. This allows people to not have to deal with the dreaded cell phone service providers and increases the value for the buck of the purchase price. Last but definitely not least, Amazon has more books available that you can buy on their ebook reader than all the other ebook reader and tablet makers. This makes a huge difference because it sucks when you buy a device like a tablet or ebook reader and then can’t buy the books you want for it.

The new Kindle also looks better than its predecessor. The look of the previous Kindles looked outdated from the minute they were first announced. Although the colourless screen that is still present in the new Kindle didn’t help that outdated look, the new version has thinner borders and is sleeker looking. If I was a big book reader then I would seriously consider buying the new Kindle. That is saying a lot considering I absolutely hated the previous versions.

Check out the official video for the new Kindle at this link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/mpd/permalink/mGKS7D5FPUAKE