A new food everyone thought of before

KFC is about to launch a new sandwich which has been creating more buzz than any other food that I can recall in recent memory. The idea itself is not that new, in fact, I think every kid and big eater has thought of making this type of sandwich in the past. It seems that it is right out of Homer Simpson’s recipe book. Instead of a bun, this sandwich, called the Double Down, uses two pieces of fried or grilled chicken breasts as the bun, with cheese, bacon and sauce in between. Although most of us have thought of this idea in the past, perhaps this new product launch says something about where we have come with our eating habits.

KFC Double Down

I am not here to judge or lecture you on your eating habits, this post isn’t about that. However, in a greater sense the fact that a product like this did well in testing and is generating a lot of buzz, not all of which is bad, then maybe KFC should care about what they are selling their customers. It is true that they need to give customers what they want and I am strong believer in that, however, perhaps they could have tried to make the ingredients a little healthier. One sandwich contains about 100% of the daily sodium intake a person is required to consume (I won’t even mention the amount of fat in it). That is awful, considering that it doesn’t include a drink or any of the other meals that person will need to eat during that day.

If a person only eats this sandwich once in a month or so then, that should be no problem at all because everyone is entitled to a little indulgence once in a while, but if KFC customers only ate there at a rate of once a month on average then the company would be in bad shape. Also, with the advertising campaign that is surely coming to a TV, billboard, magazine and internet site near you, they are not trying to get you in their restaurants only once per month. Therefore, they should probably think about actually investing in research to create food that is healthy but still tastes good and is as appealing as the new Double Down.

A KFC executive said that this product performed extremely well in testing so it will be interesting to see if this translates in to success when they launch it nationwide in a few days. I am also not sure about KFC’s plans for launch in Canada. If it does succeed in a big way like KFC hopes and possibly expects, it will be interesting to see what competitors like McDonald’s and Burger King will do to combat it. Will they compete in a traditional way like introducing some other new fatty sandwich or will they try to make KFC look bad by introducing healthier products? Obviously, offering new salads will not win over the customers of the Double Down because clearly the last thing on those peoples’ minds is being health conscious.

I can’t say that I’ll try the new sandwich myself, but I will try to follow how it plays out in terms of its success and what it causes the competition to do.