A look at the extreme right-wing of America

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This weekend was a showcase for the extreme right-wing voters of America. It was the Values Vote Summit, where all the Republican Presidential nominees have their chance to give a speech and then the participating voters choose who they like best in a straw poll. The speeches are highly catered to that extreme right-wing audience and would leave the vast majority of Americans (and other Westerners for that matter) shaking their head. Backwards thinking and primitive concepts are the name of the game at this summit (except perhaps for their views on Israel, which is somehow on the money).

The winner of this Values Vote straw poll was Ron Paul. The front runner, Mitt Romney only won 4% of the vote. He was also called a member of a cult by a pastor that introduced Rick Perry. The crazy pastor said that because Romney is a Mormon. Hilarious. Oh and also very bigoted and unacceptable, but mostly hilarious.

The majority of Americans (a.k.a. the “Normies”) that do not agree with most of what the Values Vote Summit supports see this as very dangerous for society. Of course, in a country with over 310 million people you can expect some of them to not agree with common sense approaches and just accept that they have poor beliefs based on religion and other unhelpful political guides.

I would argue that this is actually good for the country in general. If this extreme right-wing of America actually chooses who the Republican nominee will be then it will give Obama a good chance to be re-elected. These extreme right-wing voters are not likely to support Mitt Romney, which is the only real threat to Obama (Huntsman would also be but, no Republican likes him for some reason). If these nut jobs are able to make their choice the Republican nominee, then Obama will look like the only centrist in the race and should win. It will be interesting to see which part of the Republican Party will decide who their nominee will be. Will it be the extreme right-wing or the slightly less extreme right-wing? We will know by the end of January.