Saudi water problem

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I recently read an interesting article from Reuters (click here to read it) about Saudi Arabia’s water problems. You would think that a country as rich as Saudi Arabia that is essentially all desert would be out in front of this problem and would have invested a lot of money into solving it a long time ago. However, as is often the case with countries run by dictators, poor management and even neglect put this country in a tough spot that it probably could have avoided.

It is no surprise that water is not as abundant in the desert nation of Saudi Arabia as it is for much of North America or Europe. Saudi Arabia is not alone in this. In fact, most of the countries in the Middle East have to deal with this challenge to some extent. The difference is that Saudi Arabia is rich with oil and the billions of dollars that it brings. Since the Saudi government is not too heavily invested in its own people (as is the case with all dictator led nations), they surely have boatloads of money that is just sitting there untouched. If they would have invested this money into R&D and infrastructure of producing drinking water, they may have been able to find a solution to this crucial challenge.

If they were able to find a solution(s) to the water problem then countries all over the world would go to them as the leader in it and this would bring even more riches to them. It is a missed opportunity that has the potential to cost Saudi Arabia a lot more than just money in the long run. Perhaps it is not too late to invest enough money for this cause, but chances are that even if it’s not, the government will not make the right decisions.