3D with no glasses

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Nintendo announced this week that it has developed a new personal gaming device that will show games, pictures and videos in 3D with no glasses required. The Nintendo 3DS is a major step in 3D technology and it catapults Nintendo ahead of every other gaming device and even every other consumer electronics company. The 3DS will be on sale at the end of March for $250 (USD).

Companies like Sony and Apple will now have to play catch-up which is impressive for Nintendo considering Apple’s ability to stay ahead of the curve. Previous generations of this device were geared more towards younger kids and it may be the case again with this version. However, if they manage to introduce games geared for an older audience then they could peel away some Sony PlayStation Portable customers and even iPod Touch users. All this remains to be seen, but Nintendo deserves a lot of credit for being able to come out with the first affordable product that works in 3D and does not require glasses.

To be fair, it is easier to make a portable personal gaming device work in 3D with no glasses than it is to make a TV in 3D with no glasses. The main hurdle for TV’s to work in 3D with no glasses is angles. If everyone only sat directly in front of the TV then we likely would have already had or would be very close to having 3D TV’s. However, it is impossible for everyone to be directly in front of a TV at all times. For personal gaming devices the user is always directly in front of the TV. Nintendo did not have to deal with the difficult challenge of making 3D images look the same regardless of one’s angle to the screen.

Although major manufacturers have already announced that they are working on TV’s in 3D with no glasses, we are likely a few years away from seeing it happen. Thanks to Nintendo, in about two months or so we will be able to play games in 3D, take pictures in 3D and watch videos in 3D all without glasses. This is something to look forward to.