2008 recession to blame for lack of big movies now

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Have you noticed that for the last couple of months or so, there haven’t been many big movies coming out in theatres? Other than The Social Network, a Robert Downey Jr. flick that just came out and maybe a few others, there has been a noticeable gap of big budget, big star feature films since September-ish to November. It seems strange that this is occurring, but I have figured out why it is. The recession that caused a massive world panic in September 2008 is the reason for the lack of big films out in theatres right now.

How does a recession that started two years ago and ended last year have anything to do with the movie industry or the lack of films out in theatres now? Well first of all, let’s establish that it takes roughly an average of two years to make a big budget film from when the deal is made until it hits the theatres. That means that a movie that was given the ok by the major movie studios in September/October 2008 would be released in theatres about now (+/- a few months). If you recall during September/October 2008, the stock market in the U.S. (Dow Jones Industrial Average) lost about 2,000 points in a one month span. This included a few big one day drops that scared the crap out of the world. During this time just about every major company stopped to assess whether or not the world was coming to an end as we know it. I am sure that the major movie studios were no different.

You may think, the movie industry never goes down much and in fact, people still attended movies during the recession. This is true, but still, during autumn of 2008, everyone was startled for a little while because it seemed that the global economy just fell off a cliff. When you take in to account that movie studios were taking a break from big business deals, which of course included investing in big budget films and you add in the two years it generally takes to produce such a film, you are left with a slow and boring list of movies out in theatres for autumn 2010.

There, I just solved the puzzle as to why there haven’t been many good movies out in theatres recently. Post a comment and let me know what you think about this thought.