Is Iranian plot made up?

Shocking news came out a couple of days ago about an Iranian plot to murder the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. in Washington D.C. Apparently it was planned by a terrorist group within the Iranian government and one person in the U.S. is arrested and confessed to the crimes. Many people are skeptical whether this plot [...]

NBA cancels some games

Last night, NBA commissioner David Stern announced the cancellation of regular season games for the first two weeks of the season, though November 14. It is not much of a surprise to anyone following the negotiations between the league (owners) and union (players). However, the lack of surprise doesn’t make this announcement any less sad, [...]

A look at the extreme right-wing of America

This weekend was a showcase for the extreme right-wing voters of America. It was the Values Vote Summit, where all the Republican Presidential nominees have their chance to give a speech and then the participating voters choose who they like best in a straw poll. The speeches are highly catered to that extreme right-wing audience [...]

Ontario makes bad choice in election

Ontario will continue to be led by the awful Dalton McGuinty for at least four more years. More than half of people eligible to vote in the Ontario provincial elections yesterday chose not to. Due to this indifference on the part of citizens, Ontario will likely not see the deteriorating health care system improve in [...]

Steve Jobs impacted many industries

By now, almost every type of article has already been written about the passing of Steve Jobs and what he meant to the world. Since there are many directions to go with an article about the great entrepreneur that must be written, the best thing to do is stay true to what this site is: [...]